Private Gyms in London Paddington

Private Gyms in London Paddington with No Commitment Required!

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in London and following government advice on COVID-19, public London gyms are likely to stay closed until at least July. As good as home workouts can be with the likes of Joe Wicks to motivate us, many people are longing to use some proper London gym machines and free weights.  Finding the space to work-out at home is also a challenge without knocking over furniture and lamps or stepping on pets and children!

Luckily for you, Paddington Gyms offers you fully equipped, professional, private London gyms where you can take advantage of high-tech machines and high-end free weights during the Coronavirus lockdown in London caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Paddington Gyms fully complies with the government’s coronavirus rules of social distancing as each whole London gym will be accessible by you alone during your allocated time slot. – Only you will have the key! There is also ample space at Paddington Gyms to lunge and swat without worrying about what you are going to break or who you are going to squash!

If you are lucky enough to live in a mansion with its own private gym in London, fully equipped with bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, benches, cable machines, mats and dumbbells; maybe you do not need Paddington Gyms. – Although it could still be nice to change your scenery occasionally!  For everyone else, Paddington Gyms offers you the chance to get a high-quality work-out in private as our London gyms are reserved just for you.  No other people will enter the London private gym while you are inside so social distancing is no problem at all.

How are you with commitment?  Most public London gyms require you to sign yearly contracts with expensive cancellation fees. They also expect you to pay expensive sign-up fees and monthly membership fees regardless of how much you use them.  At Paddington Gyms, you can have a casual relationship where you come and go as much or as little as you want.  Most importantly, you will only ever pay for the time you book and use. Reserving Paddington Gyms is quick and easy on our website. If you book a slot and change your mind, do not worry! – Cancellation is free of charge and you only need to pay when you show-up.

Ever been annoyed by gym staff telling you that you need to cut your work-out short because their London gym is closing?  Or do you love getting-up super early?  Maybe you work certain shifts that makes exercise at normal times difficult.  Well, Paddington Gyms are open 24/7 around the clock so you can work-out at 4am, 6am, 9pm or 11pm, even on Christmas Day! – All is fine, we never judge!

Even when public gyms in London do eventually reopen, you will not want to drop Paddington Gyms as they offer you the unique experience of working-out with high-end equipment in absolute private.  You will not need to worry about who is staring at you or who is standing near you wanting to use the machine as it is all yours during your reserved slot. Feel free to pull ugly faces and puff and pant to your heart’s content. – What happens in Paddington Gyms, stays in Paddington Gyms!

How often have you seen staff wiping down equipment and disinfecting surfaces in public London gyms?  Certainly, cleaning equipment and machines after every use is not happening in your public London gyms but at Paddington Gyms, it is!  There is no need to fear Coronavirus or COVID-19 as all the machines, free weights, mats and other surfaces are thoroughly disinfected after every use at Paddington Gyms so you can relax in the knowledge that your exercise environment is clean and fresh.  If you still want to make sure you are safe, Paddington Gyms provides clothes and disinfectant spray for you so you can spray and wipe down anything you want before you touch it.

Stop jumping around in your living room and come and jump into Paddington Gyms for a thoroughly professional and quality private London gym workout experience.